Gas Ghosting/Chemical Ghosting

The transfer of a printed image from the front of one sheet to the back of another.

Cause Cure
Large solids printed on a back-up form Print the heavy coverage form first, and light form on the back-up side
Large lifts Run smaller lifts when backing up the sheets
The first side is not allowed sufficient time to dry Allow sufficient time to dry, typically 24 hours
The drying of the ink on the second side is accelerated or retarded by fumes given off by the ink solvents on the first side Wind sheets before printing back-up side

Keep lifts in sequence

Keep lifts away from sources of excessive heat and cold

Mechanical Ghosting

This includes ink starvation and repeat ghosting type issues. This type of ghosting always occurs on the same side of the sheet.

Cause Cure
Poor layout Lay the job out too minimize ink saturation of solids
Ink starvation Increase ink feed
Ink film too thin Consult ink manufacturer
Ink too transparent Use opaque inks instead of transparent inks for solid tints
Too much water Lower water settings, adjust chemistry
Ink rollers wrong diameter Measure and replace rollers, increase pitch on vibrator roller
Blanket too soft Consult blanket manufacturer and replace with harder blanket
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