Announcing the Release of Electropolish 2152 for Nitinol and Titanium Based Embedded Medical Devices

RBP Chemical Technology is pleased to announce the release of another innovation in its proprietary portfolio of engineered processes for the cleaning, deoxidation and polishing of titanium and titanium alloys. The ElectroPolish 2152 is a non-aqueous, sub-room temperature electropolishing solution designed to yield a superior surface finish and has been shown to provide a uniformly polished surface with minimal metal removal.  Use of the Electropolish 2152 enhances the corrosion resistance and thus the biocompatibility of the embedded medical device.

Electropolish 2152’s Positive Customer Impact

RBP Chemical Technology has over 25 years of experience with the development, formulation and implementation of specialty processes for the cleaning, deoxidation and electropolishing/chemical polishing of embedded medical devices. The Electropolish 2152 is pre-mixed and ready to use. This eliminates any handling of multiple components and reduces risk to those working with this process. With properly controlled conditions of voltage/current and time as well as proper fixturing, the Electropolish 2152 yields excellent results on parts with complex design and geometry.

Founded in 1954, RBP Chemical Technology serves the printing, semiconductor, printed circuit board and medical device industries.

For additional information:

Michael Carano
Vice President Technology & Business Development

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