Step Fourteen

  • 291 Flux

    A mildly activated flux for use prior to hot oil fusing. 291 FLUXis formulated without isopropyl alcohol, making it safer to use and store. It is compatible with THERMO FLO? andPRO FUSEfusing/leveling fluids. 291 FLUXcontains ingredients used in the fusing fluids, which results in reduced consumption and prolongs the life of the fusing fluids.

  • Acti Flo

    A mildly activated, water soluble flux for use prior to hot oil pot fusing. ACTI-FLOis formulated to be compatible with THERMO FLO? and PRO FUSE. It contains ingredients used in the fusing fluids, which results in reduced consumption and extended fluid life as the flux is dragged in. It provides consistent surface smoothness, even for hard-to-fuse areas and is non-foaming.

  • Aspect

    Aspect is an organic solderability preservative developed for high temperature processing in Pb-free assembly. It is compatible with through-hole and surface count technology. It can be used for mixed final finish, ENIG/OSP applications. Aspect is supplied in three concentrated components, two for bath make-up and an additional component for non-regular replenishment. It contains a substituted imidazole, acetic acid and is Cu-free. Treated Cu surfaces are covered with a thin (0.2 – 0.4 micron), nearly colorless and transparent coating.

  • Board Brite II

    BOARD BRITE IIis an acid cleaner for cleaning and conditioning tin/lead plated board surfaces. It neutralizes ammonia salt residues from alkaline etchants and removes oxides formed during storage. BOARD BRITE IIcan be used as a pre-cleaner prior to fusing to enhance fusing characteristics. It is effective in both spray and soak applications.

  • Chemposit Sn

    ChempositSnplates a dense, smooth Tin deposit onto copper alloys leaving a corrosion resistant surface that is highly solderable, even when the substrate was not. Chemposit Sndeposits remain solderable for extended periods, (to 6 months) and will not ?Tin Whisker?.Chemposit Sn Immersion Tin plating baths operate more easily and are “poisoned” less readily than other Immersion Tin plating chemistries. Chemposit Sn may be replenished to maintain key ingredients.

  • Flo Rite™ 60

    FLO RITE 60 is a unique blend of ingredients for use in a horizontal and vertical hot air leveling process. FLO RITE 60 will remove light copper oxides and lays down a protective layer of flux to protect soldermask and promote good solderability of copper pads. FLO RITE 60 will provide a bright uniform finish with good rinsability. FLO RITE 60 is a solvent free, non-foaming flux that is compatible with LPI and dry film soldermasks.

  • Flo Rite™ LV

    A chloride-organic acid activated flux designed for maximum performance in vertical hot air leveling machines, where a lower viscosity flux is desired for complete wetting of small holes and surface mount pads. FLO RITE LV provides excellent wetting and even coverage, resulting in a superior solder finish.

  • LevelCote™ Cover Oil 300

    LEVELCOTE COVER OIL 300 is formulated for use as a solder blanket oil for horizontal hot air leveling equipment. It prevents the formation of dross by eliminating contact of oxygen to molten solder. When used un a recirculation or oil injection system, LEVELCOTE COVER OIL 300 will lubricate pumps and internal transport mechanisms of horizontal hot air leveling equipment, reducing solder webbing.

  • LevelCote™ Flux 350

    LEVELCOTE FLUX 350 is a unique blend of ingredients formulated for use in a horizontal hot air leveling process. It will remove light copper oxides and lays down a protective layer of flux to protect solder mask, and promote good solderability of copper pads. LEVELCOTE FLUX 350 will provide a bright uniform solder finish with good rinseability. LEVELCOTE FLUX 350 is non-foaming and compatible with LPI and dry film solder masks.

  • Quench Aide™ 96

    For use following hot air leveling or fusing. QUENCH AIDE 96 reduces the temperature of the panels at a steady rate, preventing thermal shock and maintaining a bright, even solder appearance. It is non-foaming and rinses easily with water.

  • Rinse Aide™ 90

    A completely biodegradable concentrate formulated for removing flux residues from printed circuit boards. It effectively removes both ionic and non-ionic surfactants left on fused boards. It also removes processing residues on SMOBC boards when used prior to solder mask application. RINSE AIDE 90 is effective in soak and spray applications.

  • Rinse Aide™ 95

    Formulated for removing insoluble flux residues and ionic contaminants from printed circuit boards following leveling or fusing. RINSE AIDE 95 is designed to be used in spray equipment.

  • Solder Conditioner 417

    An acid tin/lead cleaner designed to remove salt residues that remain after alkaline etching. The removal of these salts is essential to ensuring good fusing and a bright finished solder surface. SOLDER CONDITIONER 417is effective at eliminating re-deposition of tin on copper surfaces and allows re-etching of panels, thus minimizing rejects. Effective for both soak and spray applications. SOLDER CONDITIONER 417is an excellent pre-cleaner priorto fusing for eliminating oxides and enhancing solder edge coverage on circuits.

  • Thermo Flo™

    A synthetic, water soluble fusing fluid that has been custom blended for tin/lead fusing and leveling. Additives for greater thermal stability increase the bath life and reduce smoking. THERMO FLO™maintains a high level of performance, providing an excellent surface finish with complete edge coverage throughout its bath life.

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