Biological Growth

The fountain solution and mixing system becomes contaminated with a biological growth that feeds on the ingredients in the chemistry, resulting in a degradation of the chemistry.

Cause Cure
Water supply is contaminated with growth. Treat water with a peroxide or bleach to kill organisms, put in a water process such as RO system.
Airborne organisms Keep lid on recirculator closed and any exposed portion of press dampening system.
System becomes contaminated from paper, ink, and other materials. Stop and clean press mix system, consult chemistry supplier for proper cleaning procedures.
Press mix solution is allowed to stand for an extended period of time. Stop and clean system per the supplier recommendations. Empty tanks and lines in press dampening system if press is going to be down for an extended period of time.
Dead spaces in delivery lines and stagnant solution in trays were not properly cleaned or maintained. Develop a standard operating procedure for a routine cleaning of the press dampening system.
Filters Check and replace filters on a timely basis
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