Streaks, tracking, or ink smearing due to the folding or finishing operations through mechanical contact.

Cause Cure
Grater roller Install grater roller with sharper points.
Ink film thickness Decrease ink film thickness by increasing pigment strength in ink.
Web bustle wheels Move bustle wheels so they are in contact with non image area, if this is not possible, put Teflon tape on wheels to reduce abrasiveness.
Air flow through oven causing paper to move around and coming in contact with oven parts Check to make sure web tension is set properly. Consult oven manufacturer for proper adjustment.
Chill roll temperature not cool enough Reduce chill roll temperature to 72 to 75 F°. Do not go too low on temperature as condensation may occur.
Silicone dosage or applicator Check to make sure silicone applicator roller is clean and functioning properly, check dosage, if low add extra silicone to reduce abrasiveness. Consult silicone supplier.
Web temperature not high enough to drive off ink solvents or too high and not allowing chill rollers to bring web temperature down Adjust oven temperature, remember that paper will burn at 451 F°. Decrease press speed to allow longer contact time in oven. Increase air velocity through oven. Check web temperature before and after chill rolls. Consult oven manufacturer.
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