Picking or lifting of paper coating onto blankets, plates, and rollers.

Linting of paper fibers from uncoated stocks onto blankets, plates and rollers.

Cause Cure
Too much water on paper. Reduce water settings for proper performance.
Fountain solution concentration too high. Check and adjust concentration of fountain solution. Consult fountain chemistry supplier.
Paper surface has excessive coating dust, slitter or trimmer dust, or loose fibers. Perform tape pulls and consult paper manufacturer.
Base stock picks. If serious enough reject paper, change to a more lint free, pick resistant stock.
Impression pressure too great for ink/paper stock combination. Decrease impression pressure, repack blankets/plates to manufacturers specifications.
Blanket is tacky. Consult blanket manufacturer, change blankets and check blanket wash compatibility with rubber.
Ink is too tacky. Consult ink manufacturer and reduce ink tack.
Improper ink and water balance. Adjust ink and water to achieve proper balance, usually a reduction in water and ink settings.
Paper coating is being pulled from surface. Consult paper manufacturer.
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