Non-Image/image area piling is ink and paper fiber build up on the blanket that prevents proper offset.

You may also see at times see piling in the plates and rollers.

Cause Cure
Ink Emulsification. Ink water logged. Lower water settings. Check ink emulsification curve
Rollers improperly set. Reset rollers
Blankets low or under packed Repack as necessary. Replace blanket
Ink improperly dispersed or grind. Consult with your ink manufacturer
Unstable Ink Consult with your ink manufacturer
pH and or conductivity out of range Check and adjust to proper spec.’s
Ink roller train surface temps high Adjust vibrator chill water to proper temps and check ink train roller settings
Dry ink was not fully tranferred from the blanket to the paper causing a relief image Check blanket to blanket squeeze, blanket cylinder pressure, plate and blanket packing. Increase NPA levels to help keep debris moving.
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