Poor Rub

The printed ink film is dry, but has excessive rub and scuffing when going through the delivery and finishing processes.

Cause Cure
Too much water in paper or used during run. Reduce water settings, or change paper.
pH and/or conductivity of fountain solution is either too high or low. Check pH and conductivity to ensure proper dosage, dump and clean system if contaminated.
Ink not dry. Refer to inadequate drying section.
Poor paper coating integrity. Change paper, call paper supplier.
Paper type such as matte stocks, roughness of paper surface creates a poor rub between unprinted and printed areas. Consult ink manufacturer to provide an ink with better rub resistance.
Too much ink, ink film thickness is too high. Reduce ink film thickness, lower settings to proper ink densities.
Ink is not formulated correctly. Consult ink manufacturer.
Chalking or ink is not binding to paper stock. Ink not compatible with paper stock, consult ink manufacturer.
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