Process for Cleaning and Polishing Nitinol or Titanium

Minimum recommended process for electropolishing Titanium alloys

  1. Clean in MicroClean Ti™ (RDZ-1849) (Time and temperature to be determined, no such thing as “too much”)
  2. Water Rinse
  3. Alcohol Rinse
  4. ElectroPolish Ti2 (RDZ-1676), 300+ Amps/ft2, up to 10 minutes
    Generic Electropolish (70/30 Methanol/sulfuric) which you can make, or can purchase Nitinol Titanium ElectroPolish (RDZ-1867), used at 7-10 volts, ~50 Amps/ft2, and below -20 degrees C.  If you are making this exciting blend, you may want to read “Control of Methanol-Sulfuric blends”.

If the polishing is non-uniform, the surface may be oxidized, and require a treatment after the MicroClean Ti™: MicroClean MV™ (RDZ-1995), which, although it is a strong acid de-oxidizer it will NOT remove metal.


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