What Type of Electropolishes Does RBP Offer?

Electropolishing is a process used to remove materials from a metallic surface (in this case medical implant devices) to provide a level surface finish. Some of these surfaces including nitinol, cobalt chrome and titanium alloys. Electropolishing allows for less rejection of medical implant devices. Here are at RBP we offer a variety of electropolishes for the medical implant device industry. Here are some of the electropolishes we offer.

Nitinol Electropolish

At RBP, we offer Nitinol Electropolish, which is the standard electropolish chemistry containing methanol and sulfuric acid. This is what many of our customers like and use, and what many users work with. This product requires cooling to very low temperature. The advantage of using Nitinol Electropolish is that there is a somewhat established understanding of what and how well it works. The disadvantage to using this is that having to cool to a very low temperature is challenging. To cool our Nitinol Electropolish you have to use a chiller. Nitinol Electropolish must be chilled to temperatures of minus 40 to minus 50 degrees Celsius.

Other Electropolishes

We do offer room temperature electropolishing chemistries. These are different in composition than our Nitinol Electropolish. Our room temperature electropolishes include Electropolish Ti2 and Electropolish NF. We do offer other products that are not included here, as well.  Feel free to contact us if you don’t see the electropolish you are looking for.

Unlike Nitinol Electropolish, Electropolish Ti2 and Electropolish NF work at room temperature. We do recommend maintaining that process temperature, which requires some chilling, but it’s a very different chilling than that of Nitinol electropolishing product. Chilling is recommended to keep the process temperature steady, especially if you have many parts to process.

The ultimate goal with medical implant device chemistry is to remove the oxide, minimize the base metallic removal, and then do well on the electropolishing side without having to go above and beyond to do so. Our products help you electropolish your product as efficiently as possible.

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