CoCr Electropolish: What to Know About this Product for the Medical Device Manufacturing Industry

RBP Chemical Technology, the leaders in formulated and engineered processes for the medical device manufacturing industry, is proud to introduce CoCr Electropolish. This development is another innovation in RBP’s portfolio of cleaners, deoxidants and electropolishes/chemical polishes for metal based medical implants. Well recognized by major medical device companies, RBP Chemical Technology brings over 25 years’ experience in providing customized solutions for the corrosion protection and passivation of implantable medical devices.

CoCr Electropolish is a single additive system and is ready to use. No dilution is required. CoCr Electropolish can be safely operated between 20-50°C. The electropolish provides a uniform and smooth finish with minimal metal removal.

About RBP Chemical Technology

RBP Chemical Technology is a leader in medical implant device chemistry offering innovative proprietary solutions for deoxidation, polishing and passivation of implanted medical devices. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and certified to ISO 9001:2015, RBP is the Intelligent Choice for medical implant device producers worldwide.

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