Video: Electronics Chemical Reliability Fundamentals for IPC

Reliability Fundamentals: Failure Mechanisms and Success Through Process Modifications

Mike Carano, Vice President of Technology & Business Development at RBP Chemical Technology led a session for IPC that provided an overview of new materials, complex designs, and government regulations have changed the game for electronics chemicals.  Working with high-performance materials requires re-evaluation of your processes to enhance long-term reliability. Learn to analyze – and prevent – problems.

Carano directs R&D for RBP electronics, mining and medical chemicals businesses. This includes materials and processes for PCB, Semiconductor, Photovoltaic and Functional/Decorative coatings.

Mike holds 9 U.S. and 22 foreign patents, a B.S. and M.S in Chemistry, and an MBA in International Marketing and Business Strategy. He is also a qualified IPC Trainer.

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