Failure of an implanted medical device is not an option.

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As your trusted partner - no matter the device metal, geometry, or complexity - you can count on us to deliver chemical processes that provide consistent, repeatable, and reliable results safely and efficiently.

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Medical implantable devices must have clean and pristine surfaces, and that’s achievable with chemical solutions by RBP Chemical Technology. For nearly 20 years, RBP has assisted the medical industry with surface chemistry solutions for cleaning and passivation of implanted medical devices.


Full Line of Medical Device Chemistry Products

Our chemists are leaders in innovating comprehensive chemical solutions to clean, deoxidize, electropolish and passivate medical implantable devices.
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Groundbreaking Room Temperature Electropolishing

Excellent alternatives to typical low temperature EP media for Nitinol, RBP’s room temperature electropolishing solutions are comparable in performance and extremely easy to use.
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Direct Collaboration and Consultations

Unique challenges require custom solutions, and custom is where RBP excels. Our team of chemical engineers will work directly with you, develop an understanding of challenges, and formulate a solution that meets your needs.
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Environmental Health and Safety Expertise

As experts in chemical handling and process safety, we work with you to identify ways your team to use chemicals safely and responsibly – minimizing the risk of fires, accidents, fines, injuries and even deaths.
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Save Time and Money with Toll Blending

Outsourcing your chemical blending needs to RBP is a simple, turnkey process that provides you with superior chemical solutions for your medical implant devices while creating significant cost savings for your bottom line.
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As a company that produces chemistry with a wide range of features, we know how important it is to highlight the benefits of each one. That's why we frequently release visual content that helps customers understand what makes our products superior.


We’ll provide samples so you can test on your devices.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • – Co-Founder, Medical Device Component Company
    “We've been working with RBP Chemical for over a year now and we've been nothing short of impressed with their product efficacy, technical collaboration, and problem-solving capabilities. Their full suite of de-oxidizing and cleaning chemicals have been a game-changer for our parts and processes, allowing us to achieve the most effective and efficient solution many months faster than we ever could have imagined on our own.”
    – Co-Founder, Medical Device Component Company
  • “RBP has been very helpful in working with our process development team to address the limitations of our current electropolishing process. They helped us explore room temperature electropolishing through a variety of electrolytes. This offers a substantial shift to the growing edge to our process development horizon.”
  • – National Sales Manager, Medical Sales
    “RBP Chemical is a trusted partner in providing application specific chemistries offering real solutions to improve efficiency, sustainability, uniformity impacting through-put by increasing yield and eliminating scrap rates.  Their technical and chemistry team is world-class, true subject matter experts.  It is a pleasure to work with a dynamic industry leader that offers continuous product development with global support.”
    – National Sales Manager, Medical Sales
  • - Director, Research and Development
    “We received exceptional technical support during initial process development. Collaboration with RBP Chemical engineering and technical staff resulted in a highly efficient process.”
    - Director, Research and Development
  • – Director, Engineering
    “We are a Nitinol-based medical device manufacturer and were trying to optimize our deoxidation process by simplifying the chemistry. We use a 3-part solution that is mixed in-house. This inherently creates challenges to have strong process controls in production environment. Dr. Witold and his chemistry team, helped us analyze our components with single solution deoxidation chemistries. In our discussions, the RBP team also debunked a lot of myths and helped us understand the application of our process, much better.”
    – Director, Engineering

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Join our team of chemists and experts via Microsoft Teams to conduct “discovery” of your chemistry process opportunities and challenges.


We specialize in running your sample parts or prototypes through our in-house chemistry line to find the best solution so you can develop your process.

Solutions & Resources

Inhibitors?Relative rate of
attack on bare metal,
1 (low) - 7 (high)
Temp Range (°C)
MicroClean™ TiDegreaser+, designed to remove soils that
could interfere with subsequent processes
   025 - 70
Ti Pickling Solution™Mildly acidic, free of hydrofluoric acid   120 - 50
MicroClean™ 2150Moderately acidic, free of hydrofluoric acid   220 - 50
MicroClean™ 2160Moderately acidic, free of hydrofluoric acid   220 - 50
MicroClean™ EV3Strongly acidic, free of hydrofluoric acid Yes 315 - 50
MicroPolish™ IIStrongly acidic, with hydrofluoric acid, inhibited,
mild polishing action, relatively less aggressive
YesYesYes415 - 50
MicroPolish™Strongly acidic, with hydrofluoric acid, inhibited,
mild polishing action, relatively more aggressive
YesYesYes515 - 50
ChemPolish Ti6Al4V™Strongly acidic, with hydrofluoric acid, inhibited,
more aggressive
YesYesYes615 - 50
MicroClean™ MVStrongly acidic, with hydrofluoric acid, inhibited,
more aggressive
YesYesYes715 - 50
MicroClean™ BSStrongly acidic, with hydrofluoric acidYesYes 815 - 50
ProductDescriptionRoom Temperature?ViscosityConductivityFlammability
Nitinol ElectroPolish™Standard electropolish containing 70% Methanol/
30% Sulfuric Acid; this product requires cooling
to very low temperatures
(at low temp)
higherhigher in storage,
lower at low temp
ElectroPolish NF™Room temperature electropolishing chemistry, organicYeshigherlowerlower
ElectroPolish Ti2™Room temperature electropolishing chemistry, organicYeslowerlowerlower
ElectroPolish 2152Room temperature electropolishing chemistry, organicYeslowerhigherhigher

Cobalt Chrome

Process StepProductDescription
Step 1: Pre-CleanMicroClean™ TiDegreaser+, designed to remove soils that could interfere with subsequent processes
Step 2: DeoxidizeCoCr Cleaner™Strongly acidic, for light oxide
Step 2: DeoxidizeAlkaline Descale™A strongly oxidizing surface conditioner designed to descale cobalt/chromium and other chromium based alloys before chemical polishing or electropolishing
Step 2: DeoxidizeDescale Remover™An acidic chemistry that removes smut and residual metal oxide solubilized by Aklaline Descale
Step 3: ElectropolishCoCr ElectropolishAcidic electropolish chemistry

Stainless Steel

Process StepProductDescription
Step 1: Pre-CleanMicroClean™ TiDegreaser+, designed to remove soils that could interfere with subsequent processes
Step 2: CleanChemPolish™ RLAcidic chemistry for cleaning, polishing and passivating 300 series stainless steel
Step 2: CleanChemPolish™ SSAcidic chemistry for polishing and passivating 300 series stainless steel
Step 3: ElectropolishElectroPolish 5000™Acidic electropolish chemistry

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RBP is the preferred chemical processes partner for Implant Medical Devices including Nitinol and Chrome Alloy medical implants, like stents and joints.

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