RBP Chemical Technology Announces the Introduction of LDI Strip 77 Fine-Line Photoresist Stripper

LDI Strip 77 a semi-aqueous photoresist stripper formulated for stripping very fine line and high density printed circuit boards.  With properly controlled plating, LDI Strip 77 effectively produces particles 2 mil in diameter and smaller, greatly facilitating filtration.  LDI Strip 77 provides complete resist removal with standard Dry Film and LDI Dry film.  LDI Strip 77 contains a specially formulated additive package that protects metal surfaces against corrosion, including copper and tin. In addition the LDI 77 Strip enables ease of inspection at outerlayer  AOI.  LDI Strip 77 can be used in both spray and immersion applications. Working concentration of the LDI Strip 77 will vary based on customer specific processing requirements.

Positive Customer Impact

Printed circuit board fabricators will see an immediate positive impact to its resist stripping operation.  Rather than failing inspection due to oxidation of the copper or remaining entrapped resist particles, the LDI Strip 77 specialty additives will prevent oxidation of the copper and efficiently remove fine resist particles from the surface. Additional inhibitors in the formulation will prevent tin metal etch resist attack as well.

LDI Strip 77 development is driven  RBP Chemical Technology’s commitment to deliver processes that enable its customers to meet the challenges of ever-increasing demands of the marketplace.

RBP Chemical Technology, founded in 1954, is a world class supplier of propriety chemicals and delivery devices for the electronics industry. RBP Chemical Technology’s chemical formulas are tailored to meet the precise needs and requirements for the most advanced circuit boards in the electronics industry. RBP is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with manufacturing locations in Chennai and Mumbai, India, as well as approved partners in the U.S., South Korea and Thailand.

Learn More and Download Data Sheets

Learn more and download product data sheets by visiting: https://rbpchemical.com/product/ldi-strip-77/.

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