Equipment Cleaner IV: Why Printed Circuit Board Customers Will Be Pleased with this New Product

RBP Chemical Technology is pleased to announce the release of Equipment Cleaner IV. Equipment Cleaner IV removes water hardness residues, photoresist scum and metal salt deposits from chemical processing equipment. The new process is specifically developed for the printed circuit board industry and is very useful for spray equipment. It causes no damage to metal or plastic parts and is completely odorless, making it the ideal process for printed circuit boards.

Positive Customer Impact for Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

Equipment Cleaner IV is a versatile process and can be used in most all types of chemical processing equipment including stainless steel, titanium and polypropylene. The operating temperatures for the Equipment Cleaner IV range from <70 ⁰C (158 ⁰F) in polypropylene, <50 ⁰C (122 ⁰F) in PVC or polyethylene and near boiling >90 ⁰C (194 ⁰F) in stainless steel or titanium. The cleaning effectiveness increases with temperature. Printed circuit board customers everywhere will be pleased with the results of Equipment Cleaner IV.

About RBP

RBP Chemical Technology is a leading supplier of proprietary chemicals for printed circuit fabrication and semiconductor test applications. RBP’s chemical formulas are tailored to meet the precise needs and requirements for advanced circuit boards, primarily in aerospace, medical and military applications. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and expanding globally, RBP is certified to ISO 9001:2015  and is the Intelligent Choice for the electronics industry.


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