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November 11, 2019

What You Should Know About MAGNUM S-450 Multilayer Hole Conditioner

MAGNUM S-450 is used to condition holes after drilling and before the desmear step in preparation for metallization. It is effective on a variety of resin materials including epoxy and polyimide and is replenishable. MAGNUM S-450 does not require circuit boards to be dried prior to processing.

October 14, 2019

Electropolishing Nitinol at Room Temperature vs Low Temperatures

When it comes to electropolishing Nitinol, it’s important to know how to electropolish Nitinol at room temperature compared to electropolishing Nitinol at very low temperatures. Here are some things to keep in mind when electropolishing Nitinol at different temperatures.

September 24, 2019

What is the Purpose of Etchback?

Etchback and desmear serve many purposes. The first purpose of etchback is to assure the copper is clean. Assuring the copper is clean will then help form a metallurgical bond with the plating. The last purpose of etchback is to form a three-point contact around the inner layer.  Why are each of these processes so important? Below we will go in more depth as to how each process effects the overall goal of etchback.

September 9, 2019

VersaPrep: What To Know About this New Product

 VersaPrep is a specialty formulated product designed to clean and microetch a wide variety of metallic substrates. It is particularly useful in removing metallic oxides and providing a micro-roughened surface to enhance dry film adhesion as well as adhesion of other materials to the surface of the metal. VersaPrep easily deoxidizes and micro-etches copper, copper alloys, stainless steel, aluminum and Inconel.

August 19, 2019

What Type of Electropolishes Does RBP Offer?

Electropolishing is a process used to remove materials from a metallic surface (in this case medical implant devices) to provide a level surface finish. Some of these surfaces including nitinol, cobalt chrome and titanium alloys. Electropolishing allows for less rejection of medical implant devices. Here are at RBP we offer a variety of electropolishes for the medical implant device industry. Here are some of the electropolishes we offer.

August 13, 2019

Leading Specialty Chemical Manufacturer Creates New Industrial Degreaser & Asphalt Release Agent 180F

The leader in specialty chemicals for industrial applications, RBP Chemical Technology announces the release of a new biodegradable degreaser and release agent.

July 31, 2019

AlKalene™ LT: Breaking Down This New Product Designed for Flexography Printing Operations

As a leader in specialty chemicals for the printing industry, we are proud to announce the release of a new state-of-the-art aqueous coating cleaner, AlKalene™ LT. This new product is designed to remove dry ink from press parts in the flexo-packaging industry.

July 29, 2019

Equipment Cleaner IV: Why Printed Circuit Board Customers Will Be Pleased with this New Product

RBP Chemical Technology is pleased to announce the release of Equipment Cleaner IV. Equipment Cleaner IV removes water hardness residues, photoresist scum and metal salt deposits from chemical processing equipment. The new process is specifically developed for the printed circuit board industry and is very useful for spray equipment. It causes no damage to metal or plastic parts and is completely odorless, making it the ideal process for printed circuit boards.

July 22, 2019
Medical Implant Device Chemistry

What to Know About Cleaning, Deoxidizing, Passivating and Polishing Medical Implant Devices

To ensure the effectiveness of medical implant devices it is essential that manufacturers correctly clean, deoxidize, polish and passivate these devices. Here is some relevant background pertaining to these processes.

June 13, 2019

Liquid Gold™ 290 Better Chemistry = Better Coldset Printing

Brighter, more vibrant colors in coldset printing applications? It’s possible with LIQUID GOLD 290 from RBP Chemical Technology . This mildly acidic fountain concentrate was specifically developed to enhance the color brilliance while fighting blanket buildup and piling – the leading causes of duller print images, ghosting, scumming and ink going where it doesn’t belong.