Final Finishes

  • Aspect

    Aspect is an organic solderability preservative developed for high temperature processing in Pb-free assembly. It is compatible with through-hole and surface count technology. It can be used for mixed final finish, ENIG/OSP applications. Aspect is supplied in three concentrated components, two for bath make-up and an additional component for non-regular replenishment. It contains a substituted imidazole, acetic acid and is Cu-free. Treated Cu surfaces are covered with a thin (0.2 – 0.4 micron), nearly colorless and transparent coating.

  • Chemposit Sn

    ChempositSnplates a dense, smooth Tin deposit onto copper alloys leaving a corrosion resistant surface that is highly solderable, even when the substrate was not. Chemposit Sndeposits remain solderable for extended periods, (to 6 months) and will not ?Tin Whisker?.Chemposit Sn Immersion Tin plating baths operate more easily and are “poisoned” less readily than other Immersion Tin plating chemistries. Chemposit Sn may be replenished to maintain key ingredients.

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