• MagnaBond™ 400

    Magnabond 400 is an oxide alternative process that prepares copper surfaces for lamination by forming a copper-organic layer that optimizes the surface for resin adhesion. It is a sulfuric/peroxide chemistry supplied in two concentrated components. Magnabond 400 offers several benefits over conventional oxide and competitive oxide alternatives, namely superior adhesion performance at low cost of operation and ease of control.

  • MagnaBond™ CO-300

    A copper oxide process uniquely formulated to produce a variety of oxide coatings ranging from a very fine-grained bronzed oxide to a larger grained black oxide. MAGNABOND CO-300 provides the flexibility to manipulate the grain size allowing for processing a wide variety of dielectric materials while maintaining optimum inner-layer bonding.

  • PrepBond™

    An alkaline cleaner for use in the LAYERBOND 2000 adhesion promoter process. PREPBOND provides complete surface preparation for this process, eliminating the need for a microetch. It completely removes residues from Resist Stripper, and is extremely effective for removing handling soils and fingerprints. For spray, flood and soak applications.

  • Quantum Etch™

    A stabilized peroxide product for use with sulfuric acid to form a peroxide/sulfuric microetch. QUANTUM ETCH provides a superior microetch which can be used for inner layer processing, pre-plate cleaning, and cleaning prior to solder leveling. For pre-plate cleaning of panels plated with electroless copper, use the low etch rate operating conditions. QUANTUM ETCH produces a uniformly etched surface, and will maintain a constant desired etch rate over a broad solubility range of copper sulfate in the bath.

  • Ultraclean™ NF

    Formulated to remove dirt, oil, fingerprints and other soils from copper surfaces without etching the copper. ULTRACLEAN NF is especially recommended for cleaning Invar/copper laminate and double treated copper foil. Also for use prior to resist lamination, oxide treatment and plating processes. Its non-chelating formula allows for easy waste treatment. ULTRACLEAN NF is non-foaming for use in conveyorized spray applications.

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